Oakland A’s makes it to postseason for a second year


The Oakland Athletics have once again reached the Major League Baseball postseason. With another impressive record to its season, the team is currently matched up in the first round with the defending American League champions, Detroit Tigers, led by superstar Miguel Cabrera.

For the second straight season the Oakland A’s have managed to win the AL West pennant and make the postseason. This earned the team a rematch with the Detroit Tigers who knocked the A’s off last season in the divisional round.

The A’s posted a 96-66 record this season, two games better than last season’s 94-68 team.

The A’s are known to win games using a low budget, meaning the team doesn’t have any players that can be considered a franchise player or superstar.

The movie “Moneyball” displayed the Oakland A’s strict useage of the system of recruiting players and how the A’s sign players on a low budget. The team gives hope to all low-market teams and show there is a way to win with what you possess.

With players such as Derek Norris, Josh Donaldson and Yoenis Cespedes, who many sports analysts think has the potential to be a superstar, the A’s find ways to win and compete against baseball’s best.

A’s fans are hoping that this year’s postseason will bring the team glory and finally prove that championships are won with hard work and dedication. With the superb hitting of Cespedes and the veteran pitching of Bartolo Colon, a World Series isn’t a far reach for the Oakland A’s.