Students participate in world scavenger hunt

ON THE SCAVENGER HUNT: Stefany Ensor wearing homemade  butter and jelly smeared toast underwear. PHOTOS COURTESY OF STEFANY ENSOR
ON THE SCAVENGER HUNT: Stefany Ensor wearing homemade butter and jelly smeared toast underwear. PHOTOS COURTESY OF STEFANY ENSOR

What would you expect to find on the list of the world’s largest scavenger hunt?

A picture of  a storm trooper cleaning a pool next to the homeowner sunbathing? A man jumping into a pile of leaves in an expensive business suit?

Something even more sentimental? Maybe a challenge that includes putting on a puppet show at a children’s hospital?

These assignments were on the list for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES), featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The international movement, which began three years ago, has expanded to over 69 countries moving its way to Stockton.

Two Delta College students, from different GISHWHES teams, participated in the hunt in the beginning of August.

“Yes. I have to do this. There was no question,” said Stefany Ensor, a Delta College student.

She found out about GISHWHES through the social media site Tumblr.

Ensor and her team “Team Freewill” completed more than 90 of the 155 items on the list.

Retrofitting a wheelchair to make it a “GISHmobile,” and its owner look like a powerful superhero, also creating and wearing toast for underwear; butter and jam optional.

“I am going to participate in GISHWHES for as long as I am able. I am trying to work more extensively with Random Acts,” said Ensor.

Participants record these acts with photographs and videos and are posted on the GISHWHES website.

The team with the most points get to fly to Vancouver, Canada, members will then charter a seaplane to a hidden island, for fish stew, a séance and a Viking-connected surprise, according to the official GISHWHES website.

All in the company of Misha Collins, best known for his role as Castiel in the “Supernatural” series.

Collins is the founder of Random Acts, a North Carolina-based non-profit organization.

The organization has been orchestrating this international event for three years, with GISHWHES, an extension of Random Acts.

Random Acts follows one concept: “One random act of kindness everyday can change the world.”

Jennifer Rodriguez, another Delta College student, also participated in GISHWHES this year.

A follower of Collins’ Twitter account, Rodriguez became informed just like the first followers did when he started the concept of Random Acts in 2009.

“My favorite one was talking to the homeless people, there were two guys that I talked to that were really cool, nice, and appreciative. I also loved shooting the pictures for Helium Pants,”said Rodriguez in an email interview.

The experience of GISHWHES is to change lives, and it seems  to be doing so.

The message is simple, people are out there trying to make a difference one step at a time.