Annual haunt returns


Delta College’s Puente Club will host a haunted house Oct. 28-31 inside the Cunningham Lounge.

The attraction is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for students each of the days, with the exception of Oct. 30 when it will open to the general public from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

SCARY ATTRACTION: A student actor in the 2012 Puente Club Haunted House. COLLEGIAN ARCHIVE

The Puente Club faced a bit of trouble from the school when asking to use Cunningham Lounge, previously used in 2012, for the haunted house event.

With Cunningham still slated to be torn down at some point, the Puente Club was uncertain whether it would be able to host the house there.

Locke Lounge was an option, but not a desirable one.

“We got Cunningham,” said Sofy Bobadilla, Puente Club president.

The club’s Haunted House Committee met up on Oct. 21 in Danner Hall to discuss plans for this year’s attraction.

“After the haunted house, we were family,” said Bobadilla of the building process in 2012.

This year the committee discussed plans for the theme, prop support and set up.

Suggested themes included: insane asylum, creepy toyland, Alice in Wonderland, darkness, American Horror Story and Zombie Land.

The final decision will be kept secret until the house opens.

Whatever theme is picked, there will be mirrors, plastic body parts, swords, chains, skulls, tombstones, students in costumes, fake rodents, mummies, a fog machine, spider webs, fake blood, black lights, strobe lights and Silly String.

Visitors may also hear barking dogs. So if students hear a high-pitched yelp when walking through Cunningham, don’t worry.

THINGS OF NIGHTMARES: A student actor in the 2012 Puente Club Haunted House. COLLEGIAN ARCHIVE

Friday, Oct. 25 will be the final meeting for the committee, where members will make decisions and prepare supplies for set up day, Oct. 26.

The event is a fundraiser for the Puente Club, which aids students in transfer to four-year colleges.

The cost is $1.

“We want it to be affordable for students. Our main goal is to have fun, get to know more members, and make enough money for the SoCal trip,” said Bobadilla.

The trip is for club members to visit colleges.

The club cautions hydration – last year a man fell in part of the haunted house and caused a haunted house actor to fall down as well – and also urged those wanting to attend to heed doctor’s advice.

Be aware there will be students jumping out to scare you, so if you have any medical conditions, be wise about just how much you can handle.

Enter at your own risk.


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