‘Time-warping’ still alive


This Saturday, Oct. 26, the Sacramento West Wind Drive-In, will host a midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

While it’s not mandatory to dress up (or down) to attend the screening, West Wind’s Facebook page encourages costumes for the movie.

Just know if you’ve never seen the flick, expect corsets, fishnet stockings and platform shoes everywhere.

lipsFor those unfamiliar to the phenomenon, the official Rocky Horror website (rockyhorror.com) has a “virgin’s guide” to give you everything you need to know, from dance instructions for the “Time Warp,” to what props to bring.

In all honestly not much can prepare you for how weird and fun “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is.

The film is a rock musical that fuses gothic horror and kinky sexuality in a story involving a cross dressing Frankenstein rip off (played by the incredibly fabulous Tim Curry) paying host to a newly engaged couple stranded out near his mansion.

Once there the couple witnesses a carnival of the absurd and fetishistic.

The midnight showings are legendary for audience participation, with rice throwing at the wedding scene, to the singing of songs at the top of the audience’s lungs.

According to the Rocky Horror site, the die-hard fans usually pick two newbies or “virgins” to participate with them in the dancing and singing.

“Rocky Horror” slipped under the radar when it was first released but became a cult phenomenon with midnight showings across America.

Midnight releases of recent films like “Harry Potter,” have similarities in terms of fan insanity but still can’t hold a candle to “Rocky Horror.”

So if you’re feeling bored and wanting to keep with the spirit with the Halloween season, come by the light of the night over at the Frankenstein place to indulge in a night of “Time-Warping.”

Due to the nature of the event, it would be best to contact West Wind Drive-In at (916) 363–6572 to confirm when best to arrive.