2D/3D exhibit brings spotlight to Stockton Arts


A large, 3-D sculpture of a man’s head welcomes visitors to Delta College’s L.H. Horton Gallery in the Shima building.
The gallery features pieces of both 2- and 3- dimensional art.
The art was created by artists throughout the country. Gallery Director Jan Marlese has been in charge of arranging exhibits for six years. The exhibit ended its campus run on Thursday, Nov. 7.
It is this particular exhibits’ fourth year at the gallery.
The exhibit is not only financially beneficial to the gallery, but it also helps bring attention to the arts in Stockton.
“This exhibit is successful at bringing a variety of highly successful artists and jurors to Stockton,” said Marlese.
A month prior to the exhibit’s opening, there is a nationwide “pull” of different pieces of art.
Pieces are chosen based on whether or not each fits the description of the theme. There is also a limit as to how many pieces can be in the walls and floor of the gallery.
After pieces are selected, a hired juror judges the work.
This year’s judge was Rene de Guzman, senior art curator from Oakland Museum of California.
“Art is subjective- every juror picks something different, it all depends on taste,” said Marlese.
After the judging is complete, a winner is selected.
David Willlison won “Best of Show” for the 2D category. Monique Castiaux won for 3D.
The entrance fee artists paid at the beginning of the process helps off set the awards and juror costs. The extra money goes back to the gallery program — which helps pay for other shows and projects.
Marlese has said the exhibit was successful.
“All pieces featured are available for purchase. Several have been sold off of the gallery website,” said Marlese“People have been purchasing pieces from New York all the way to Mississippi — it’s great,”