Affordable Care website creates problems for Americans to register


Many Americans are feeling frustration over the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed Obamacare.

People who are either self-employed, or who are not currently working, must apply for the new benefits under said act.

Since the website opened on Oct. 1, people have had problems with the website.

Just a little over a month since the website went live, it has been plagued with glitches.

United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, said she takes full responsibility for the website not working properly.

Sebelius said when the website became available she told the house committee that one of the reasons why there has been so many problems with the website was that there was no adequate “end-to end testing” of the website.

She said the site had two weeks of testing before launching.

Johnny Shatswell, former Delta College student and current after school aid, said he is not in favor of getting any benefits through the program because he doesn’t believe it’s fair to mandate people buy benefits.

Shatswell, who is recently engaged, said he will have to enroll in some type of benefits the program entails because his employer does not provide any benefits to its workers.

“A broken system creates broken problems. If there is already problems with people logging onto why would I want to sign up at all,” said Shatswell.

Shatswell would like to see the White House extend the deadline for at least one year to allow American’s to enroll in the benefits process since there has been so many problems accessing the website. Which would allow them to get added to the program and not have to pay the fine for the people who do not sign up.

“All these Americans don’t deserve these glitches,” said Shatswell.