Fall treats hit and miss with unusual flavors


Take one look at a snack food aisle and you’ll immediately see the biggest craze in the food industry: foods that taste like other foods.

Snack companies have taken food chemistry a step further, changing the face of holiday snacks as we know them by mixing some of the most unexpected flavors in existence.

Jones Soda got creative this Halloween edition with Caramel Apple flavored soda, and the candy version of green apple.

You’ll be burping up one flavor or the other after the flood of carbonation returns the feeling back in your taste buds and settles in your stomach.

Jones Soda didn’t stop there.

Red Licorice is the next monster to arrive from Frankenstein food chemistry labs.

You would expect a concoction of licorice sticks straight from a blender.

“It’s alive,” you scream – until you taste it, and realize it’s dead. With careful experimentation, you can get more of the licorice flavor after the carbonation has dissipated by pouring it into a glass.

The theme for fall holiday food this year happens to be candy corn, and Jones Soda did not disappoint on that front.

Candy Corn Jones Soda happens to be the best odd beverage concoction.

Underlying cream soda flavors compliment the sweetness of candy corn. In smell and in taste, you know you’re drinking candy.

Oreos followed suit with new Corn Oreos.

Many have noticed a lot of strange new flavors coming out of Nabisco factories. Summer brought us the famous Watermelon Oreos, while the months that followed brought out Birthday Cake and Neapolitan Ice Cream flavors.

Oreo is a cookie that can’t be stopped, and Candy Corn Oreos have kept the beast alive. These cookies are sweet, with the candy flavor lingering in your mouth for quite some time after.

If you already have a serious Oreo addiction, these cookies are enablers to keep eating.

Popcorn companies have also joined the candy corn craze such as in Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Flavored Kettle Corn.

This popcorn is love at first taste. Candy corn is not an overpowering flavor in this treat, because the salt balances with the sweetness.

SWEET TREATS: Candy corn Oreos are among the novelty items available this holiday season. PHOTO BY CHRISTINA CORNEJO
SWEET TREATS: Candy corn Oreos are among the novelty items available this holiday season. PHOTO BY CHRISTINA CORNEJO

Starburst took a different take on the candy corn trend, making the candy into candy corn itself. Four Starburst-like flavors are there – Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, and Cherry – give a fresh and fruity alternative to the candy corn tradition, although many might find the candies to be a bit too sweet. Luckily, the

Starburst Candy Corn come in personal size bags so you don’t have to commit to a half pound of them.

While many other companies were capitalizing on Halloween this season, Hershey’s Kisses made a more general fall-friendly chocolate flavor: Pumpkin Spice.

Just open a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and your whole room will smell of pumpkin spices. The flavor was just as strange as the smell. It has too much of a nutmeg and allspice flavor and not enough sweetness to bring out any sort of pumpkin flavor.

While stores transition over to Christmas, it remains to be seen what kind of crazy flavors we will see next from food companies.

It’s clear that what comes out next could be just as strange and exciting as the ones we’ve tasted from early Fall.