Five tips for staying healthy during the holiday season


With the holiday season among us, shopping for sales and enjoying the company of loved ones are the main focus.

Awareness of our daily health is almost forgotten. With these five steps, it’s easy to stay healthy this holiday season.


Throughout the day, we interact around a variety of people.

Holding the hand rail to keep from tripping down a flight of stairs, going into Danner Hall and trying to eat the tuna sandwich you made for yourself last night with the numerous coughing and sneezing individuals.

Germs and bacteria infest everything we touch throughout the day.

Wash your hand, it keeps from spreading germs.


Those late nights getting jacked up on soda and Sour Patch Kids doesn’t help the immune system.

Procrastinating on studying for midterms, and running on five hours of sleep will make you reach a boiling point.

Getting sick makes everything worse. Take care of yourself. Swap out that greasy cheeseburger for a light salad. Try to go to bed at a decent hour, if possible.

The most important thing to remember is that when we’re stressed out, our bodies react.


There have been times at retail stores where someone has sneezed or coughed into their hand at the end of the checkout line, reached in their wallet and handed the cashier their money.

People are allowed to sneeze, but there has to be a proper etiquette when around people in a public place.

Use the inside of your elbow to cover your mouth and nose. It’s polite and prevents others from contamination.


Get one of those little key chain size bottles of hand sanitizer; never leave the house without it.

Ladies and gentlemen there is room for travel size bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse.

A little package of tissues and some Airborne. Invest some money into the essentials and it will pay off like a survival kit.


If you’re sick, stay home. It is hard for some people to afford to take the time off from work or miss class.

When at all possible just take a sick day.

For those of you that have the luxury, don’t take it for granted.

Sitting around in your pajamas, napping on the couch and, watching reruns of Maury while slurping down some chicken noodle soup will do the body  good.