NFL injuries impact team’s chances of winning


Football is a fun sport to play and a great one to watch, especially on Sundays when National Football League games take over television programming.

Behind all the fun and competitiveness involved are consequences that come, including injuries.

This season has seen injuries all over the league, mostly on big name players.

From concussions to torn ligaments or separated shoulders, the players have been very vulnerable to injuries this year compared to past seasons.

Some teams have lost star players for at least four weeks or worse, for the rest of the season, which proves to be a huge blow to the team’s chances of winning.

Some big name players weren’t able to dodge the injury bug.

Atlanta Falcons’ receiver Julio Jones fractured his foot and is reportedly done for the season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ running back Doug Martin took a hard hit to the shoulder during a game against Atlanta and is now expected to miss four weeks or longer.

Indianapolis Colts’ star receiver Reggie Wayne tore his knee against Denver and is now out for the season as well.

Green Bay Packers’ Tight End Jermichael Finley was violently hit and went down with a head injury that ended his season. Concussions are known to end careers early in order to prevent further brain damage for the player.

Former player Steve Young was well known to have battled head injuries throughout his whole career until his retirement in 1999.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has gone as far as changing the rules to keep these players safe.

Football is a contact sport, injuries are going to happen regardless, but the NFL is looking to keep players on the field and healthy.