Nothing’s better than a home-cooked meal


More than 50 million Americans are being served over the counter on a daily basis.

Forty-four percent of Americans claim to eat fast food at least once a day, which is the reason why the annual fast food revenue is $110 billion.

With students having busy schedules trying to juggle work and school, sometimes buying fast food is the quickest way to feast.

Most people who consume McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, live fast-paced lives that requires them to eat and go as quick as possible.

For example, if you’re the student taking 16 units and working a full time job, then you probably only have time to sit and enjoy a home-cooked meal on Sunday.

Then again, Sunday is usually the day when students realize their homework isn’t finished, so there’s no time to stand over a stove.

If this description fits you, then most likely you’re always in a hurry to do things with the belief that there’s never enough time in a day to finish your tasks.

Therefore pulling up to a drive-thru so you can order a greasy burger, with so much mayonnaise on it that you’ll regret it 30 minutes after eating, is more accommodating for you.

Cooking meals at home has several advantages when it comes to losing weight, but that all depends on how many calories you choose to consume.

There are a number of students who refuse to overdose on fast food because of their need to maintain a healthy, toned and muscular body.

These are the people that drink Muscle Milk, eat vegetables and “say no” to red meat.

Often times they’ll just have a snack on campus, knowing the real meal is at home waiting to be devoured.

For example, if you’re conscious of what you put inside your body, then fast food is rarely on your mind.

The ones counting the amount of calories they take in each day consider those who eat fast food regularly to be sloppy and lazy.

“Gym Rats” that put in a few hours of exercise everyday, know the importance of watching what they eat … if not then the gym membership that bills them every month is pointless.

If you’re the type of person that eats healthy home-cooked meals, then most likely you’re well organized and have no problem with starving yourself for the greater good of sticking to a diet.

This means that spending quality time to make a meal, isn’t a hassle for you, it’s a pleasurable obligation.

Whether you prefer fast food or home-cooked meals, the fact of the matter is: pay attention to what’s going in your body.

The final results on how your body reacts and develops won’t immediately show on the outside, but your insides will let you know sooner or later if you’re doing a good job of maintaining good health.