YouTube hosts music award show


On Nov. 3, YouTube hosted its first music awards ceremony.

Streamed live, the event was hosted by Jason Schwartzman, indie actor from “Rushmore” and “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.”

Schwartzman’s sidekick for the night was comedian Reggie Watts.

The night was unscripted and overseen by eccentric film director Spike Jonze.

In between awards, Jonze and others directed live music videos.

The opening video shoot by Jonze was for the song “Afterlife” by Arcade Fire.

Jonze was able to capture his whimsical esthetic while the camera still held onto the feeling live television gives off — a feat hard to pull off.

Jonze also shot Lady Gaga’s “Dope” alongside prominent music video director, Chris Milk.

The video was perplexing like most of Gaga’s ventures.  Emotions ran raw as she cried out the chorus, “I need you more than I need dope.”

She dressed down by her standards with simply a button-up flannel and baseball cap with the word  “Dope” in a faux NASA logo.

The award for “YouTube Breakout Artist” went to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The duo said it cost them $5,000 to make “Thrift Shop.” The breakout hit made it to No. 1 on top Billboard charts before the duo signed with a major label.

Instead of opening a clean white envelope for the “YouTube Response of the Year” award Schwartzman and Watts dug through a tray of cakes.

The award was given to Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix for a cover of the Imagine Dragon’s  “Radioactive.”

As Stirling received the award, she said she owes everything to YouTube. The website allowed her to be herself. She never compromised her creative integrity and was able to achieve success.

Another award given out was the “YouTube Innovator.”

It was given to Destorm for “See Me Standing.” When he made his award speech he told the crowd that he has been on YouTube since it began and that the site really started something amazing.