New game systems duke it out this holiday shopping season


It’s scary to think that it was eight years ago when the Seventh Generation of video game consoles began with the release of the Xbox 360.

Cut to now and within the span of one week the Playstation 4 has been released with the Xbox One becoming available starting today.

Whenever there is a new console launch there seems to be a sense of social forgetfulness on part of the consumers.

They wonder why the systems are so pricey and why there aren’t more games.

Just because it’s new and shiny consumers think they need the video game system.

But I’m not budging.

Whenever some new gadget pops up on the radar we all get the momentary psychosis of “I need it.” We’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another.

With these new systems it’s further exacerbated by the fact that it has been so long since we got new game systems.

Traditionally there’s a gap of five to six years between game systems.

The original Playstation was released in December 1994, the PS2 in 2000 and the PS3 in 2006.

This latest generation comes so late because of the rise of internet connectivity and system updates so the life of the consoles were extended to a full eight years.

Gamers are foaming at the mouth. But if they stop and think for a moment, hopefully they can remember how dreadful console launches can be.


I work in a retail electronics department and last Friday’s launch of the PS4, while well organized, was still a perfect affirmation of the insanity of launches with all of our stock running out within 45 minutes.

I’m fairly certain that while the Xbox One has less hype behind it — given its year-long battle with self-inflicted bad press — it will still sell out fast, leaving many gamers left wanting.


Very few console releases had amazing system defining releases on day one. The exceptions are the Nintendo 64 with “Mario 64” and the original Xbox with the first “Halo.”

The PS4’s launch is comprised entirely of next generation upgrades of games already available.

The Xbox will fair better but only slightly with help from “Killer Instinct” and “Forza 5” but there won’t be that one game that everyone will be telling you is the reason to buy the system.


There’s also been reports of faulty PS4’s out there. I have no doubt that the Xbox One will have similar problems. But let’s hope it’s nothing as wide ranged or infuriating as last generation’s Xbox 360 and its “Red Ring Of Death” general system failures.

There’s so many quality games still available on the current generation systems and so few on the new ones, that I think it might be best to simply be patient and wait until next year when gamers will have a better sense of what both consoles are capable of and what games will be available.