Food drives ramp for holidays


Delta College’s Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) is always doing something for the campus and its students.

But sometimes it feels like the student body’s general apathy allows ASBG’s admirable work to go completely unnoticed.

Around this time of year the organization holds quite a few food drives for the more needy students out there.

These last couple months have been busy for ASBG with a canned food drive that not only met the government’s goal of 1,000 cans collected but exceeded it with 1,200 cans collected and delivered.

The ASBG turkey drive will finish up today.

Anyone can deliver a turkey to be given out to other families for Thanksgiving.

Student involvement has been egregiously low this year with only one turkey accounted for.

When asked why the number of turkeys delivered were so low, Ernesto Episnoza, ASBG Senator of College and Community

Relations, said this year’s turkey drive started a little later than usual because of a focus on the very successful food drive.

“The goal is to get at least 20 turkeys before our deadline … we’re also trying to reach out to local businesses as well,” Epinoza added.

A ham drive is ASBG’s next venture. At this point there is no specific end date but it will finish right before winter break hits.

The goals are similar in hopes to give hams to student for the holidays that might otherwise not get them.

All of this is a smaller part of ASBG’s Food Pantry.

A service they hold year long that provides food for students who need a helping hand.

Alejandro Gomez, ASBG Senator of Legislative Affairs, said Delta College might be the only school locally that has such a service.

So students and staff of Delta College, it’s almost the holidays, it’s the time of gift giving, so take part and help ASBG make it so everyone on campus can have a better holiday season.