Reminiscing on Thanksgiving traditions


The leaves are starting to change color. The morning chill lasts longer into the day.
People are beginning to plan Thanksgiving meals.

Same holiday, different memories.


For many families, the holidays are a way to reconnect with family members we aren’t able to see throughout the year.

For Delta College student Kimberly Keefer, Thanksgiving is a way for her to reunite with her four brothers.

Three of her brothers have moved out. “I really only get to see them during the holidays,” Keefer said.

Like many families, Thanksgiving will be growing this year.
“My brother got married, so his wife will be joining us this year — I’m looking forward to that because I won’t be the only girl anymore,” Keefer said.

For Keefer, the best part of the holidays is the together time.

“My favorite part about the holidays is being able to spend time with my entire family,” Keefer said.


Not everyone has a traditional Thanksgiving.

For Delta Professor Dr. Joe Bisson his most memorable Thanksgiving occurred while on sabbatical.
“I was in South East Asia studying how countries remember their history — I was there specifically to study how Cambodia remembers the crimes of the Khmer Rouge,” Bisson said.

Without any direct flights to Cambodia, Bisson said he had to fly to Bangkok then travel on motorcycle to the country.

While making his way to Cambodia, he met this Venezuelan and Cuban couple.

The husband was an ex-Cuban patriot who worked at the Mars candy company.
Bisson said the couple took him to a nice hotel where they all ate a Thanksgiving meal together.

“The entire night we sat with each other and talked about our travels — it was a really great memory,” Bisson said.


Experiencing the nerve filled moment of introducing a boyfriend of girlfriend to their loved ones.

Last Thanksgiving I introduced Edwin my current boyfriend to my family.

My boyfriend, Edwin, had met my immediate family, but not my cousins, great-aunt and uncle or my godparents.

Naturally, I was nervous. 
 Thanksgiving was celebrated at my great- aunts in Lodi.

My quiet boyfriend came out of his shell, to my surprise he had full conversations with the godparents.

Being able to have him interact easily with my family made last years Thanksgiving my favorite.