Campus police respond to shooting near bus stop


On Nov. 27, shots were fired by the Delta College’s main entrance at Pacific and Yokuts avenues, close to the bus stop that services students venturing to campus.

Campus police were bombarded immediately with calls in regards to the shooting.

“Calls came into the dispatch center talking about shots fired by Pacific/Yokuts Christmas center,” said Delta College Police Department Sergeant Robert Di Piero.

Upon receiving the calls, campus police sent out a call when two officers near the incident responded. The officers saw two suspects running to a vehicle, however, failed to stop them because they were on foot, said Di Piero.

An alert sent out on all of the campus incident information sources.

Assistance came from fellow police organizations to assist in the search, Stockton Police Department (SPD), San Joaquin County Sheriff Department and Stockton Unified School District police.

“All our agencies do well supporting each other,” said Di Piero.

Due to the amount of eyes on the area SPD was able to corner the suspects in a nearby store and locate a firearm as well.

SPD suspects the incident may be gang related due to criminal history of the suspects as well as other factors involved on both sides.

Due to the suspects not running to the internal part of campus; campus police didn’t shut down school activities or activate the “Active Shooter” alert that would involve contacting each classroom individually.