Council admonishes mayor


Tuesday, Dec. 3, the Stockton City Council voted to “admonish” Mayor Anthony Silva for violating the Brown Act.

Section 54963(a) of the Brown Act “prohibits any person from disclosing any confidential information obtained in closed session unless specifically authorized.”

Stockton City Attorney John Luebberke wrote a report recommending the City Council censure Silva in the future.

“Mayor Anthony Silva, following confidential discussions, closed session regarding the appointment of a city manager, did unlawfully share certain confidential information with several media outlets,” said Leubberke.

Multiple news reports were published that refer to Silva’s “news release,” informing reporters that the chosen candidate to be Stockton’s next City Manager was David Garcia.

“The city council finds that in addition to violating the Brown Act, the unauthorized release of this confidential information by

Mayor Anthony Silva created unnecessary confusion, and brought unwarranted ridicule and embarrassment to the City of Stockton and the City Council itself,” said Leubberke.

The City Council is referring the issue to the San Joaquin County Civil Grand Jury.

Many citizens believe that although the mayor made a mistake, he shouldn’t be punished.

Delta College student, Domingo Sato, 18, was among many protesters holding signs in support of Silva outside of the meeting.

“The mayor is giving the city hope and bringing the city back onto its feet. It’s getting safer. I’m seeing less crimes, less homicides. We should support him,” Sato said.