Culinary Arts thief caught


The Culinary Arts Department was recently victim to multiple burglaries on campus.

The most recent crime committed involves the cafeteria kitchen and the Student Chef Lounge located in Danner Hall.

Nov. 9, a man strolled into Danner Hall and broke into the cafeteria’s kitchen through an unlocked door, stealing packages of meat and Gatorade drinks before making his way to the Student Chef Lounge where he took $17 dollars from the register.

The alleged theif came to clean up again at 6:03 p.m. on Nov. 16.

This time he broke into the Student Chef Lounge through the entrance before prying open the register and stealing $70 in cash. He also rolled away on his bicycle with recyclables left behind by the students.

“They have me on video … You see me walking through, making sure all the doors are locked and then 20 minutes later he comes in,” said Instructional Support Assistant McKinzie Harrison. “It’s very unfortunate that this has happened, but all we can do is move forward and prepare for our Winter Feast.”

The thief struck again on Nov. 23.

Campus police set up a sting operation, resulting in the assailant being caught red-handed.