Flights will become more entertaining


When you are at an airport usually you will find passengers upset with their airline carrier because they are forced to disconnect from their phones and the Internet for several hour-long flights.

Luckily for passengers some of their frustration may soon be going away, because the FAA has announced in a news release that airlines can safely expand the use of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) during all phases of flight.

The FAA expects many of the airlines will be able to prove that planes will safely allow passengers to use devices from gate to gate if in airplane mode.

Many experts guided this decision in a group that included representatives from airlines, passengers, flight attendants and the mobile technology industry.

One group that supports the FAA decision to loosen the ban on PEDs is the Association of Professional Flight Attendants Union.

Union President Laura Glading said this will be a good thing for both the union and passengers because it’s just the way technology is heading in today’s society.

Passengers always have cell phones, iPad and  tablets everywhere they go.

“We’re frankly tired of feeling like ‘hall monitors’ when it comes to this issue, said Glading in a news release from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.

Former Delta student Justin Wall who flies frequently when going on vacation trips with his family said he favors the new rule to allow PEDs from the beginning of the flight because “most passengers want to either talk or text their family before they actually takeoff from the airport.”

Wall also mention that technology keeps changing and companies are inventing new ways for people to connect with each other.

“The FAA decision to allow devices from gate to gate is a positive one because it will bring more travelers to the friendly skies, but at the same time it will bring more money into the technology companies pockets as passengers will continue to buy the newest gadets,” said Wall.

This decision is for the best, because technology keeps changing.

People need to communicate and know what’s going on constantly. Before you couldn’t access the Internet, and the only thing you could do was talk on a phone before and after the flight.

Now, airlines that don’t offer entertainment for passengers, will allow people to access more forms of entertainment mid-flight.

Children can now do more to keep busy on a plane, and if a lot of people have tablets, they can keep children better occupied.

There may be problems with this new decision.
There may be people who are annoyed by people talking on their phones on the plane. Passengers who sit near someone who is talking may be bothered by the conversation and the noise.

Whether you like the new changes or not this is the direction that airlines are going, and it will make flights more bearable for many flight attendants and passengers who were not forced to shut off all devices.