Website connects students to work


In August 2013, the unemployment rate for California was 8.9 percent.

For San Joaquin County, the rate was 12.2 percent the same month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the State of California Employment Education Development Department.

Finding a job is an obstacle when facing those bleak numbers. But social networks may provide an answer. offers not only job listings, but also direct contact with employers.

The site, which launched in April, is mostly directed toward college students and graduates.

Once a profile is created on the site it integrates with the user’s Facebook profile.

FirstJob checks contacts and lists the companies where they work at, but it does not interfere with other profiles.

“We don’t post anything to their wall. It’s not like were looking through their contacts,” said Eduardo Ronquillo, former Delta student and the Vice President of Sales at

FirstJob uses an “EZ Vouch” system in which contacts can vouch for you on the FirstJob profile.

Contacts can validate skills and endorse users for specific companies. The site also shows statistics as to what companies are viewing a profile and the current statuses on applications.

“We scrap the Internet for high quality positions, they can apply directly from our website,” he said.

The site currently has more than 100,000 job listings nationwide, but Delta students can easily benefit as well.

“We have jobs listed in Stockton. At the time we have over 100 results, that’s always changing,” said Ronquillo. “[There’s] success in sales, marketing, finance, and analysts … these employers are constantly needing new people. We’ve definitely helped people find jobs.”

Most industries are shown in the website. Internships and positions that have zero to five years of experience required are available.

FirstJob has partnerships with over 20 companies, including AXA Advisers, New York Life and Farmers Insurance.

The website also offers helpful blogs, with topics like tips to ace an interview. The most important factor in getting a job however, Ronquillo said, starts with a resume.

“They really want … a detailed cover letter. When writing a resume, have a short description of your role… and show achievements. Giving a concise overview will really help you differentiate yourself from other job seekers, we sort the best applicants,” he said. “The format of the resume, a lot of people sent word docs and rich text fonts – not what you want. I prefer sending in a .pdf format so it can’t be altered.”