RTV moves into new broadcast realm


Delta College’s Radio and Television Department (RTV) is seeing changes: a new format for its news station and a push toward receiving FCC licensing to broadcast beyond campus.

The changes allow better opportunities for the program and its students. Many programs across the country are doing the same, but not many of them are at two-year schools.

“I believe our students would be in a better position to be more competitive when applying to four year universities, internships or entry level jobs in the broadcasting industry,” said Adriana Brogger, RTV professor.

Also, not all students desire to work in news, some want to be filmmakers, directors or work in radio.

Other improvements include a new logo and branding as well as a revamped virtual set.

“The new News Production style will be more professional than anything they have done in the past,” said Rod Villagomez, radio production professor.

The news program focuses on hyper-local campus news or news that impacts the whole college community.

“The new news format is one that mirrors industry standard for example our newscast was created to be visually appealing, informative and look like something the viewer may see on a national news network,” said Brogger.

The department is also working to secure FCC Licensing so the news program would become an actual broadcasting program in addition to being used for instructional purposes.

The program would be a commercial station.

The application to the FCC was accepted. Now program directors are waiting for permission from the FCC to move on to stage two, which will be the construction phase that will include testing equipment and broadcast capabilities.

“We are hoping to find out soon but we would like to know by the end of the semester for a fall opening, but we realize that it’s not in our hands,” said Villagomez.

RTV had an FCC license in the 1990s but they unfortunately lost it and it was a huge blow to the department.

Once licensing is reinstated, the program would be able to offer students the opportunity to work in a professional environment.

“We’re excited for the new semester. There are lots of returning students who are ready to do big things,” said Villagomez.