Clubs work to survive beyond the ‘rush’ period


With the recent decline in clubs on campus, some clubs have had to adapt new policies on campus in order to survive.
The clubs include Delta PSI, Club Feed and Anthropology Club who manage to keep active with campus activities as well as membership requirements.
“We go to events monthly to make sure that we maintain our membership, we [also] go out to the community all year around,” said Katelyn Sevilla Treasurer of Club Feed.
According to Kourtney Stuthard, ICC Rep of Club Feed, these events include helping out at St. Mary’s Dining Hall, as well as a  one in San Francisco.
“Keeping everyone informed on what’s going on we are planning a big field trip and we do homeless project and always having a table out in the quad the club has been around since 2005 and if you don’t reach out you won’t get members,” said Mark Smith President of Delta PSI.
According to James Briones, the volunteering helps keep members up.
“We are letting people know that we are on campus and we are an academic club, we promote the tutors on campus and we are letting the instructors know that we are available to help out.We try to promote other clubs equally and we are going to have a telelecture with an Archaeologist working on the Pompii site that was destroyed in ancient Roman times.We are planning a field trip to San Francisco to go on a walking tour guided by docents to learn history, and our advisor Dr. Scully-Linder is very active with the club,” said Venus GiacoMottie President of Anthrophogy
Delta College has seen clubs come and go but only few have stayed around to maintain their club membership.