Delta’s Manteca Farm offers hands-on experience for students



Delta College’s Manteca farm benefits students in many ways.
     However, there is a possibility it will be
sold and relocated, which could also benefit the college.
The farm provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience.
     If sold, Delta could use the money for maintenance projects around campus.
The academic uses of the farm are important to professors. Three professors use the farm for courses.IMG_6831
     “The current status is that we use it for animal science courses, Ben Beam has a number of things going on, Todd Burnett uses it in his plant 10 course and a lab or two and I use it in my soils class,” said Professor David Dodson.
      Delta students benefit from the experience and the learning atmosphere
of the farm.
      Dodson said he doesn’t think the farm should
be sold.
     “Well I don’t think we should unless we have a place an opportunity to do everything we’re doing in Manteca closer … convenient, easy, especially for the students then fine sell it,” he said.
      On the other hand, the Manteca Farm
would bring in a lot of money for Delta in the long run.
      Students also agree that the Manteca Farm is very beneficial. “I think it’s important because it helps us get a hands on experience of what we’re learning in class,” said Delta student, and member of the Plant 14 class, Jasmine Granados.
      Delta would be able to use the money to do maintenance and a number
of other projects.IMG_6837
     Jim Burkhard, the Manteca Farm manager of 13 years, offered more insight.
Burkhard knows the ins and outs of the farm.
     “This is animal science and plant science together this is 160 acre facility, we have the almond trees here, the 40 acres of vineyards our the pastures behind here, we have our alfalfa here and our animal science unit here we have our sheep, swine, horses so it’s fairly large,” said Burkhard.
      This facility has many different uses.
Burkhard said the property is planned for surplus. If no one wants the property, it will go to an auction setting. If it does not sell at auction, Delta will retain the farm, he said.
       The Manteca Farm has benefits whether it stays or goes. No decisions on the future of the property have yet been made.
       Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about the farm.
       “No, I don’t think they should sell it because it’s very useful property and it would be hard to find another property with the same benefits and quality,”  said Granados.