Editor gives clear instructions on proper mens’ bathroom etiquette on campus


Okay guys, its time to have a man-to-man talk.
Scratch that, its time to get real.
There have always been unspoken golden rules of the restroom.
These rules have gone ignored long enough at Delta College.
First, the cleanliness.
Come on, I know we’re not as clean as our female counterparts, but men, we should be ashamed for being slobs.
Delta spent millions renovating the restrooms.
I’m talking to the guys who are too lazy to lift the toilet seat lids up.
Take some tissue and lift the seat up.
Other men don’t want to accidentally sit on a wet toilet seat after downing a Danner Hall burrito.
We’re already under enough stress from having to use a public restroom.
The urinals in the restroom aren’t to dispose of paper towels, toilet paper or garbage.
Use the garbage cans so the floor doesn’t get wet.
Men, this is a serious one: have you heard of flushing after you’re done?
I don’t care if you don’t want to touch the handle of the toilet, kick it with your shoe if you have to. It’s called respect.
And hey you, yeah you—the one who didn’t wash his hands after using the restroom:  I hope you aren’t serving food, getting ready or working with clay in the ceramics class.
That’s nasty, wash your hands.
The restrooms are freshly renovated, they have soap in the soap dispensers now.
Now that we’re over the cleanliness rules of the restroom, it’s time to talk etiquette.
While using the restroom, don’t communicate with each other.
It’s a simple “Fight Club” style rule.
Don’t talk to each other while using the restroom.
Men are there to do something, finish what they are doing and leave. This rule also applies to talking on the phone.
I don’t think the person on the other end of the line is going to appreciate hearing you relieve yourself, especially if it’s your spouse, family or boss.
That phone call can wait, just turn the phone to vibrate.
Do your business and leave.
As I said, Delta College just spent millions of dollars renovating the restrooms, the best we can do is follow the mens’ unspoken rules to keep a restroom cleaned.
You wouldn’t live in such filth in your own home would you?