GAME OVER: Latest phone game craze removed from app stores by creator



From “Angry Birds” to “Candy Crush,” there are game apps that people all over the world download


on their phone and use to pass time.


These games easily turned into an addiction to some, the latest addiction was “Flappy Bird.”


The game was created by a Vietnamese video game developer named Dong Nguyen.


It quickly became one of the top free games in the Apple store and Google Play.


As fast as the popularity of the game rose, Nguyen had to deal with consequences and issues.


“Flappy Bird” became such an addictive and talked about game, it produced a lot of rumors around the world, including one about the creator committing suicide.


A website called “Huzlers” reported the game’s creator was found dead in his apartment in New York City.


Nguyen lives in Vietnam.


The news went viral on Facebook and Twitter and had everyone in shock. The report was later confirmed as a hoax. Nguyen was alive and well.


The game was downloaded everyday by iPhone or Android users and was reportedly earning Nguyen $50,000 a day just from advertising, according to


Delta student Troy Watts got addicted to the point that it consumed his days.


“Flappy Bird was such a hard game that it had you pumped up just to get at least 10 points,” he said.


The game put Nguyen in the spotlight but he claims the success and the consequences coming along were overwhelming.


Nguyen said it made his life stressful.


Nintendo sued him for supposedly using assets from the Super Mario series.


Nguyen also recieved death threats on social networking sites for creating the addicting game.


Nguyen agreed that the game he created had become terribly addicting, which led to him pulling from all the app stores on the market


It can no longer be downloaded.


“It’s a game that will never end, once you beat your high score, you don’t feel that it’s good enough and you just keep going and going,” said Delta student Karli Barnes.


The games absence has left a hole that is being filled as i write with Flappy Bird knock offs of all sorts with such “creative” titles as Jumpy Bee, Clumsy Bird and Ironpants.


The original Flappy Bird is still available to users who downloaded it but have yet to delete since the deactivation.


Some more daring users have begun selling their used phones with Flappy Bird still downloaded on it for ridiculous sums of money.


One iPhone 5c was on Ebay with a Buy it Now option of $40,000.


Maybe it’s best the addiction was nipped in the bud before “It got out of hand.”