Tips to escape the electrical cords


Imagine a day in today’s society where you had no phone, television, radio, computer or any other electronic device.

What could you or what would you do?

the-handbwFORWEBIn this generation it would be a third-world crisis.

“I would read more and write letters without it. Its not that its hard to think of stuff but because everything does come easier, you can’t remember how something was done before the latest and newest way,” said Mikalea Morse, a Delta College student.

Today’s young people are growing up in a world where everything around them are made to be used with technology. Things like homework, where in the past you would use a paper and pencil.

Technology encompasses all facets of society. It can be an asset in the working environment to getting an education.

It can also theoretically used to help improve peoples’ social lives.

Now websites such as eHarmony, Christian Mingle, Facebook and many more help people communicate with others.

There might be a day where people will no longer say they met so and so at a party or through another friend.

It might become as simple as “I met her/him on Facebook/eHarmony. ”

“For many it would help them out of there shell,” said student Marcelo Mendieta, referring to anti-social people. “The Internet is a big part of technology and it’s a big part of anti-social people.”

A lot of the things are becoming easier for people because of smart phones.

There was a time when phones where just made so people could call when away from home.

These days it’s hard to think of anything that phones don’t have.

There was a time when people would meet new friends and relationships would happen by meeting each other in person.

Those are the kind of things the next generations to come will be hearing from their elders.

As for what could you or would you do for one day without technology, there are things such as working out and actually hanging with friends.

For some people, like procrastinators, it would allow them to finish things sooner, such as finishing a chore.

“Student Andres Mullin admits to talking to his girlfriend through text before in person.

“I did meet her at a little kick back but didn’t really know what to say so I just later on found her on Facebook and talk there, and the rest his history,” he said.

Technology has become so ingrained in our lives, we might not ever be able to go back to the way things were.