Writer’s popular-brand car stolen twice in two years


Most people are proud to own classic cars from the 1990s, but it worries some owners due to the fact that older cars can be easy targets for car thieves.

I can use myself as an example.

I own a 1997 Honda Civic.

It has been stolen before. It happened during Christmas time 2012. When it was stolen it was taken from my driveway in the middle of the night when everyone in my neighborhood was asleep. Waking up next morning and not seeing my car in the driveway was unusual and stressful.

About eight hours later my car was found in Oakland. The stereo was taken, along with a couple of jackets. The towing place that kept my car for a couple hours charged over 200 dollars which was ridiculous.

That incident forced me to purchase a Club bar, used to lock the steering wheel and prevent would-be thieves from turning the wheel.

The Club could possibly make it harder for the person trying to steal the vehicle.
Honda Civics from the 90’s are known to be the easiest target for thieves.

The windows aren’t stable and the ignition can be worked easily without keys. The car doesn’t come stocked with an alarm.

Despite the negatives, Honda Civics are good gas-saving cars out there, it has saved me a huge amount of money over the years.

A couple of Delta students expressed what they would do if their vehicle was stolen.

“First I’ll put up a tweet or Facebook status, and post an Instagram picture of my car just to let everyone know, then I’ll call the cops,” said student Cris De la Pena.
He claims that way he could give a heads up to his friends to be on the lookout for the vehicle.

“I would be totally devastated, I can’t even imagine not having my car out on my driveway when I wake up in the morning. Without my car, life would be a blur,” said student Alexander Herrada.

Herrada drives a Jeep and it has never been broken into.

It’s clearly easier for thieves to steal older cars because it doesn’t possess the high-tech things newer cars do.

So a couple of suggestions for people that own older cars or just to be safe even new cars, get a Club bar or have an alarm installed, and don’t have anything expensive or valuable visible to potential thefts.