Staying healthy using vitamins key to fighting the bug


Did you know that Vitamin C can help boost your immune system?

Some people think it’s a myth, but it’s not.

Many studies have been made about Vitamin C and its benefits.

cupAccording to WebMD, it helps protect against immune system deficiencies.

Although Vitamin C hasn’t been proven to prevent the common cold or flu, it can lower the duration and the severity of the symptoms.

Supplements aren’t the only option for Vitamin C. There are plenty of ways to put it in your diet.

Oranges are one of the first things that come to mind, but there are many other fruits and vegetables rich in the nutrient.

These include cantaloupe, cooked broccoli, red cabbage, green pepper, red pepper, kiwi, strawberries and tomato juice.

Nutrition shakes are also a source.

Various nutrition businesses sell meal replacement shakes with the preferred daily Vitamin C intake.

“I have a healthy meal replacement shake everyday it includes 60 percent of your Vitamin C daily intake,” said Melissa Thomas, owner of PURE nutrition in Stockton.

It’s important to be consistent with daily intake.

“I believe it’s boosted my immune system and helped prevent me from getting sick this cold and flu season,” said Thomas.

Vitamin C can have a different impact on different people, but it’s beneficial overall.

To get the best results, be consistent about taking it everyday. Start by adding a vegetable or fruit serving to your daily diet. Vegetables and fruits high in Vitamin C can benefit your health and help prevent the common flu or cold.