Confidence is key to making the ladies like you: Writer provides tips on ways to impress girls, how to feel confident in oneself


So you see a beautiful girl pass by you or have one in class, what do you do?

Most guys would do absolutely nothing, and have regrets later.

There are a variety of reasons why that happens. You can have low self-esteem or fear of rejection.

Guy’s with these problems will rather come up with every excuse in the book than take initiative.

Lets say you’re out with the boys and see a gorgeous girl. All you’re doing is imagining what to say to her and your friends tell you to go talk to her.

Instead you say something like: “She’s not all that” or “she looks busy.”

Don’t make excuses.

Instead think of it as a win-win situation.

Worst-case scenario, she rejects you; no loss to you, as least you can say you tried!

Who knows?

You could have just made friends with a beautiful girl—and you took initiative.

You never know what can happen after that.

Some guys will see a girl they want to talk to, and will waste time thinking of what they have to do or say to impress her.

However, they spend so much time over-thinking their approach, they psych themselves into believing there’s no way to lose.

Always speak in an inviting and positive tone.

Tone of voice could be the deciding factor between getting a number, and getting the big fat no!

There’s also the fear of running out of things to say.

They immediately run to the 20 Questions game.

This is for beginners! This is not a job interview; you are trying to get to know her.

One way to avoid those pitfalls is by replacing questions with statements.

For example instead of saying “Hey what is your major?” say something like “I’m guessing you’re majoring in Cosmetology.”

This will help you be different from most guys they talk to, because the questions are being left open-ended, allowing her to talk more.

These methods will help you one step closer to having more confidence.

Which brings me to the most important idea you must embrace and when talking to a girl.

Confidence, which comes in various forms, is a paramount aspect to finding a girl.

Inner confidence from within your personality is the confidence you want to embrace.

Some guys focus too much on confidence in their looks or money; these aspects of a person can be taken away at the drop of a hat.

Confidence in yourself, however, will never be taken away.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, if you like reading comic books or go to reenactment of a Harry Potter, then don’t be ashamed of it!

If she doesn’t like it, she wasn’t the one anyway.

Something that increases your inner confidence is learning to accept rejection.

You will not, and no one will ever go 100/100 when it comes to talking to girls.

Sometimes accepting rejection will make it easier, and make you ready to move on!