Summertime brings negative body images


As summer inches closer, the mercury rises, but the scale sometimes plateaus.

There are plenty of reasons why so many want to lose weight before hot weather arrives.

These reasons include: advertising, celebrities, social influence or just simply wanting to look “hot” at the beach.

Delta student Gabby Valdes admits the need to lose weight is mostly all “mental,” but the signs telling us to exercise are all around.

“It’s in your surroundings and what you watch and especially who you look up to,” Valdes added.

Even looking at the magazine rack at the grocery store, we cannot escape the urgency to lose weight or to tone our bodies:

“9 Great Ways to Get That Perfect Summer Bod!”

“3 Simple Exercises to Get Sculpted Abs!”

“6 Easy Steps to Make Yourself Thinner!”

Looking at these headlines makes readers more inclined to put down that bag of Oreos. Right?

Not exactly.

I believe summer should be a season of pure indulgence and enjoyment. Instead of eating food that we enjoy, we’re usually too busy eating up the judgment made by others.

“YOLO” might be an adage a year too late, but it’s one that could still apply to those who feel plagued by the pressures of looking a certain size.

If you want to fit into that bikini or look buff in that tank-top, then the steps you should be following aren’t the ones found in magazines. The steps to follow should only include simply putting your body into that bikini or tank-top.

It’s that simple.

It’s all in your self-confidence and how you work with what you got. Ultimately, if you don’t look as “hot” as the weather, your attitude toward your self-image should be positive.

With this said, it’s great if you want to hit the gym.

But there’s a catch.

“I would say if you want to look good, do it for yourself and nobody else,” said student Alice Russo.

This is a great attitude to have.

If you only try to achieve the body you desire because of someone else’s expectations, then you will set yourself up for failure.

You must self-reflect and find the answer to why you want to lose weight or gain muscle. The answer should always lead back to you.

So whether it’s flexing those arms at the gym or flexing those lips on a tasty Oreo, make sure that you are enjoying yourself this summer—for you.