Two Little Lines: Don’t be ashamed to waddle with a baby bump!


One of the worst things to deal with as a pregnant student is the staring.

Walking (or waddling) down the halls, filled with people who aren’t trying to hide long glances can be frightening for young women, especially if they have been only been at the college for a semester or two.

Why are they staring?

What are they thinking?

Do they believe I am a tramp or something?

These are all questions that run through the mind, but the best way to deal with it is to just let it go.

Realize we are at a community college, not a four-year with a bunch of newbies. There are people of all ages and walks of life at a community college, especially Delta.

Remember that some students are in their mid-to-late twenties, so being pregnant at their age is completely socially acceptable. They just happen to be in college as well!

When considering the thousands of women who attend Delta every semester, the majority being of child-bearing age, there is bound to be a handful who are pregnant as well.

There wasn’t officially a “first girl to get pregnant in college,” and there won’t be a last!

These are the choices that each woman has made in her life, and they are the right choices for her and for no one else.

The passersby don’t know the situation of any pregnant woman simply by looking at her in the hallway, so whatever ridiculous thoughts that could possibly run through their mind shouldn’t matter!

Keep in mind that a pregnant woman is doing something very special that no man could ever do. She is creating life and is going through a lot to do it!

A pregnant woman needs to be treated well and not stressed out just by walking down the halls.

Don’t worry about discrimination from other students and teachers, our society is becoming increasingly accepting of all walks of life.

Be proud of the bulging belly and waddle with a smile!