Hit shows hook new members to service


Netflix has been known to be a great source for movies of different genres: from comedy to horror, it has it all. Most recently, it has been a useful asset to people who want to catch up on or just begin watching popular TV shows.

TV hits such as Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead can be found on Netflix for a number of seasons. The whole series of Breaking Bad is currently available to viewers, now that the show has reached its end.

Netflix’s acquisition of TV shows from cable has given the company a boost on creating their own works, available only to Netflix customers. It produced some intriguing series such as House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and Hemlock Grove.

These shows have a huge number of viewers, who can tune in anytime they want. Netflix has made their shows’ season episodes available immediately for online viewing. Viewers won’t have to wait each week for episodes to be released.

There’s also a number of Netflix original stand-up comedies and TV series for kids available. Netflix is working on adding more shows.

A couple of Delta College students who are also Netflix subscribers shared their views on the company’s original shows.

“I like to watch my TV series continuously and not wait week after week, and Hemlock Grove on Netflix is definitely an underrated show and more people need to get into it,” said Marcus Shen.

Rachel Sorensen said, “Netflix is more for TV shows than movies these days but it still has some good movies, the original shows are surprisingly addicting and I would recommend it to people.”

Viewers will just have to wait while Netflix grows their TV show environment.