Did you know of Stone Soup Radio?


This newly formed internet radio station, that is located right off the miracle mile at 231 West Bradford Road.

Stone Soup Radio is the heart of a man named John Morearty; who dedicated his life to the Peace and Justice Center.

The building that Stone Soup Radio calls home, now christened the Morearty Peace & Justice Network.

“Its a new life, the passing of the baton,” said Stone Soup Station Manager/Delta Student Anthony L. Henry Sr. “We’re not just a community radio, we are a building community radio.”

Stone Soup Radio is all about letting all different genes of music come through their door.

They love greeting new volunteers. Comprised of mostly Delta College students, the group has been showing up to local community events to get the name of Stone Soup Radio out in the community.

The name “Stone Soup” derives from an old folk tale about two travelers pass through a town with no food and ask the town people for aid, one villager starts by giving a few carrots, then one by one each villager adds more, resulting in the stone soup that is shared to everyone.

The fable is about helping others out, even when things are scarce, and that doing so can mean more for everyone.
Clues in what goals the station has their sights set on.

The group recently attended the Earth Day event off the miracle mile, where 22 trees were planted.

While there the Group raffled out t-shirts and did surveys on what kinds of music Stockton citizens like to listen to.

Look for upcoming community events.

If you got public service announcement, if you’re non profit and you’re trying to get the word out about what you’re doing, please contact us at stonesoup@stocktoncommunityradio.com Please visit the website at stocktoncommunityradio.com.