College students not demonstrating essential life skills


Is it me, or does Delta College not give students any communication or interpersonal skills?

I mean, has anyone actually talked to a Delta student lately? It’s quite a snore.

It seems the average words out of a students mouth when asked a question are: “Yeah, sure,” or “Nah, bro,” or “I think (insert political issue) is bad, (can’t think of a well-thought-out reason here).”

Many of our students are well into adulthood (20-25 age group). And to succeed in life, students need the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to get a job — and maintain said job.

Basic manners seem to escape our generation as well.

Excuse me.


I’m sorry.

And the big one: Thank you.

I barely hear these useful phrases any more.

Conversations are increasingly limited, and the topics are also becoming less and less relevant.

Could it be attributed to the rise of instant social media? Probably.

We spend less and less time actually talking to each other, it seems to follow that our communication skills break down.

So what’s the solution?

Maybe Delta should offer classes pertaining to these issues.

Etiquette classes’ sound so outdated, but there really seems to be a need for them.

A whole semester class could be taught on how to look for jobs, build a resume, interview, attain the jobs, maintain positions, get promotions and succeed in life.

Once again, I know it sounds outdated, but a mandatory (for graduation or transfer)

Home Economics class could really help many students.

“Advanced Calculus” is great — but “Balancing a Checkbook” or “How to speak with Proper Grammer,” is better.