Koi pond looks worse than it really is




Most people have noticed the Delta koi pond looking abnormal. There were different theories about what was going on with the pond. However, it turns out there were multiple reasons.
For one the pond’s filter was broken a couple weeks ago. The koi fish are also in their spawning season so that also effects the way the water looks on the surface.
Facilities Planner/Environmental/Grounds Manager, Stacy Pinola gave some insight about the pond situation. She said that the pond has been fixed and the koi fish are just going through their spawning season.
“We kind of let the algae let it do its thing because it is their spawning time, they can do their thing have their happy time as we call it, so now we’re ready to clear it up,” said Pinola.
Now we can be clear on what is going on with pond. After all it is one of the most admired areas at Delta.
“It’s just dirty I was like how come it looks so dirty today because it’s usually so beautiful,” said Delta student Linh Nguyen “ It’s our favorite time, we just sit here during our thirty minute break.”