Technology for gun safety similar to iphone


According to the Center for Disease Control, there are around 14,000-19,000 injuries caused by accidental shootings per year in the U.S.

Though only about 500 of those cases result in death, these numbers are substantial enough to cause concern. Detroit engineer Omer Kiyani has designed a new device to enhance gun safety.

Referred to as Identilock, the device is connected to the trigger of a pistol, which can only be released by an authorized fingerprint.
This biometric technology is similar to what is in the iPhone 5S where a user must touch their phone in order to unlock it.

The Identilock is currently undergoing some fine-tuning on its prototype. While Kiyani and the manufactures at Sentinl are seeking further investment, they still anticipate it’s U.S release sometime next year.

As an accidental gunshot victim himself, Kiyani has worked steadfast on a plan to curb these types of situations. It has been over a year since the Sandy Hook Elementry School shootings occurred in Conneticuit and gun control is still a hot-button issue.

Not only could this technology prevent accidental discharge, but it also can prevent the gun from being used by someone with the wrong intentions.

Whether you are for it or against it, we can all agree that safety is a must when dealing with lethal weapons.

One essential problem may be the systems reliability. These electronic devices have potential to malfunction which can prove to be fatal.
The Identilock may seem like a futuristic concept or something out of a sci-fi movie, but manufactures have been working on “smart” gun technology since the 1970s.

In 1975, developer Joe Davis created the Magna-Trigger system for Smith and Wesson revolvers. The user was required to wear magnetic rings on their hand in order to operate the firearm. Without the rings, the trigger was unable to be pulled hard enough to fire.

According to Boston’s Gun Bible, Boston T. Party wrote, “Even if a particular system could be 99.9 percent reliable, that means it is expected to fail once every 1000 operations. My life deserves more certainty.”

The makers at IGun Technology Corp. awknowledge this statement on their website by explaining that, “No mechanical or electrical device is capable of 100 percent reliability.”

The Identilock is not the be all and end all to gun safety, since most accidents occur when the weapons are in the hands of a poorly trained individuals.

While this technology has yet to hit the market here are some safe firearms handling techniques that should be followed at all times:
Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, never assume the firearm is unloaded, even if it isn’t, treat it like it is, and keep your finger off the trigger.
However, primarily firearm safety depends on the user.