Baseball player prepares for finals and playoffs


IMG_2572Finals are near for Delta students, as are playoffs for student athletes.
Jordan Garr, baseball player, is preparing for both plus a job. He can’t only focus on baseball, because without a good academic standing baseball wouldn’t be an option.
Garr gives insight about what it takes to be successful in school, work and baseball.
“It’s about time management, our coach has us in study hall a lot, we spend a lot of time on campus we come here early and sign in before class eight is the latest we can sign in,” Garr said.
Structure and routine keep Garr on track. Spending most of his time on campus helps him achieve his goals.
Daily routines of class, practice, and work. Not to mention games during the week to make things interesting.
Fortunately, Garr works at Hollister and they work around his schedule.
There are many perks that come with being a student athlete, such as priority registration for classes.
Student athletes are assigned early registration dates. Typically on the first day that registration opens.
They are also motivated by coaches and teammates. Having a good support system usually leads to success for most students.
Passion for the sport is also a part of Garr’s success throughout the season. Garr has been playing baseball since the age of four, which adds to the love for America’s favorite pastime.
“Baseball is the best sport in the world, and we’re number one in California right now so it’s an enjoyable experience,” said Garr.
Garr’s contributions to the team this season include, an on base percentage of .375, two RBIs, and six runs.
This is Garr’s freshman year of baseball, but he will be receiving an AA (Associate of Arts Degree) this spring.
Garr plans on staying at Delta for another year, then transferring to a university where he could continue playing baseball.
“Delta is a good school academically, but the guys on the team and being part of a successful team makes it a lot of fun to come out here,” Garr said.