Books over Booze: how to score a quality date


let me start out by saying that I would rather go on a date to Barnes&Noble than to some grimy bar scene; it’s not really for me.

You might be thinking college is all about having new experiences and meeting new people.

But for some, college is a party.

For nerds like me, college is a huge stepping-stone to success. Somehow I don’t see myself finding my future husband belligerently drunk.

I would much rather meet an intelligent individual at a coffee shop while catching up on some reading.

Better yet, I would love to be asked out on an adventurous date; possibly something college guys these days wouldn’t dare to plan out for a girl they’ve been seeing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think a drink here and there is enjoyable, after all I just turned 21. I might as well enjoy drinking legally.

Fun is always good, but like anything else, in moderation.

There’s a balance between fun and work. Fun can mean different things to different people of course, but remember: there are some types of fun that won’t affect the functions of your liver.

So gentleman, if you want to meet an intelligent girl, the bar might not be your best option.

Go to a bookstore and get to know someone in person. Maybe offer to buy a girl a book, it may be more expensive than a drink, but you’ll have a better understanding of her personality and character.

I’m just one free spirit giving you some advice; remember that some girls appreciate a good conversation over coffee.

Maybe I watch too many Disney movies, but I believe in destiny and happy endings. I haven’t read or seen many love stories involving getting hammered at a bar.

However, I’ve heard plenty of unexpected pregnancies beginning with getting hammered at a bar.

Call me old fashioned, but there’s more to dating than drunken nights and hook-ups. Of course some may say that’s part of dating and finding your soul mate.

However, it’s about quality not quantity my friends.

Next time you can’t think of an idea for date night go with an unusual option, you might be surprised.

Buying a girl a book can lead to a second date.

In my case it will definitely lead to a second date.

I dare you guys to be different and change our twisted world of dating.

Dating can be difficult for many college students especially when we already have a lot going on.

Therefore, we must learn to prioritize and date the people most compatible to us. Life is short; don’t spend too much time getting wasted and dating individuals who share nothing in common with you besides a 16 oz. alcoholic beverage.

I hope I’ve opened up your mind to something that can change your love life for the better.

Find your nearest bookstore and have fun.