Delta changing priority registration process


Effective fall 2014, there will be a major change in the priority registration system that is currently in place at Delta College.

Previously, a point system was used for priority.  Certain qualifications, GPAs and other factors contributed negatively or positively to how many points a student had.

The more points a student had, the higher priority they received when registering for classes.

Starting in Fall, priority registration will be given based on four factors.

First, the student has to complete the online admissions application

Second, the College Assessment/Placement test must be taken.

Third, the new student group advising orientation must be completed.  Students can sign up on the Delta College website.  Each student attending will receive an abbreviated student education plan.

Last, students must return to the Counseling center during their second semester, where the student should receive their comprehensive student education plan.

Students are encouraged to complete all these steps to avoid a delay in course registration.