Recent changes in Danner hall lead to needless concern


Rumor has it that student chef is taking over the cafeteria of Danner hall that leaves staff, students and faculty wondering. This is not the case.

“The student chef is not taking over food services I don’t know where that idea came from but, I’m in charge of the food services and I’m telling everybody that student chef is not taking food service,” Fidel Cabuena, director of Auxiliary services.

Beginning this semester the bookstore has began selling snacks and some lunch foods. Both of which are why people go to Danner.
“We have spaces that we think we can better utilize by engaging, put our operation side by side or within one umbrella.

The process is we hired architect to sculpt doing sculpt work & see if it’s even possible,” said Cabuena

“The prices between the book store and the cafeteria differ from each other, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the prices went up due to combining,” said, Student Marcus Caden

The kind of food will depend on the menu, however currently their biggest concern is a potential increase in cost.