Summertime tunes: Which song will claim dubious honor?

IMG_3542 copyEvery day that passes is one closer to the beginning of summertime.
Those three or so magical months of long days, longer nights and brain freeze inducing Slurpees.
The movie theater is filled to the brim, enticing its patrons with popcorn, air conditioning and the years biggest blockbusters.
And as the temperature starts to pump up, so do the summer tunes.
Like with every summer, there is always one song that is awarded with the “song of the summer” title.
The honor is a dubious one.
The awarded song will be the one that everyone knows the words to, even if they don’t even like it.
The song that gets played every 15 minutes on the radio and by the end of summer, it’s the song that everyone wishes never existed.
Must you be reminded of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” last year or Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” the year before that?
While summer hasn’t started yet, these 5 contenders for the “song of the summer” are gearing up to play in the sun:
‘Problem’ – Ariana Grande (feat. Iggy Azalea):
 Once it’s debut on iTunes, this song went straight to number 1, solidifying its “hit” status. This newest offer by the popular Disney actress ticks off all the boxes for a summer song: a snazzy horn riff, carefree lyrics, booming bass and a spit-fire verse by rapper Iggy Azalea. With no video release yet, this song has plenty of time to dominate airwaves this summer.
‘Birthday’ – Katy Perry:
Like with all Katy Perry songs, becoming a hit is never out of the question — it actually never is a question. How big of a chance this has of becoming the next big summer song is what’s up for debate. Perry has had her fair share of summer hits (I Kissed a Girl and California Gurls), and I feel that ‘Birthday’ has a strong chance of joining them. The retro, disco vibes of the song scream summer, and the Mariah Carey-esque vocals give it even more of a throwback flavor. Frothy and light, this song has every chance to become the season’s defining song.
‘Summer’ – Calvin Harris:
 What’s one way to get that summer hit? Calling your song after the season itself, of course. Electronic dance music, more commonly known as EDM, has been making a huge mark on radio this past year. And Calvin Harris, one of the biggest DJ’s in the world, is no stranger of being heard on the radio. Already number 1 on the UK charts, this explosive dance track has a chance of making the same impression in the States.
‘Fancy’ – Iggy Azalea (Charli XCX):
A sleeper-hit that has finally awoken. This ferocious and fun rap track embraces the frivolity of the summer, and the hook is as infectious as the beat. With the Clueless-inspired video has gone viral, the song reaching number 2 on iTunes and gaining more spins on radio daily, the momentum of the song is just starting to pick up steam. And if you haven’t fallen under the web of this song just yet, play it in the car with a few friends and sing a long (or try to rap along) — you’ll never feel cooler.
‘Ain’t It Fun’ – Paramore:
This is somewhat of a wild card, but it’s a song that I hope to see a little bit more of. The lyrics go hand in hand with the theme growing up, so we might have a future graduation theme on our hands. And while this song is devoid of any beat drop or rap feature, this song has something we could all use this summer: a whole lot of heart.
And while no one knows quite yet what song will be the champion of Summer ‘14, these are just a select few that have a chance of making their way to the highest degree.