Writer urges students to take important step, go for internships

I always wondered what I’m getting myself into every time I set my alarm to 2:30 a.m.
Sometimes I feel like I have gone insane, and when I tell others that I’m waking so early for an unpaid internship, they think I have lost my mind as well.
Now that I’m at the end of my journey as a KCRA-3 News intern, I can officially say that I haven’t lost my mind. In fact, all those sleeping hours lost were worth it.
As a student: you go to class, get college credit and then you graduate.
An important step that students might skip is snatching that valuable internship, which could lead to potential employment.
According to a survey done by National Association of Colleges and Employers, 60 percent of students with a paid-internship had a higher chance of employment than ones without.
And even if there is no job or money waiting for you at the end of your internship, the experience that you gain is more than profitable.
I have made many prized connections and resources through my time as an intern. Working side by side with the professionals in your desired field is an invaluable experience, and one that will prep you up for your future.
And if you use your time wisely, you can learn a lot.
Using your time efficiently and acting in a professional manner will make you more attractive to the eyes of the professionals, who could refer you to a future job.
Delta College student and KCRA-3 intern Mason Silva is someone who makes every second of his internship worth it.
“As a news photographer intern, I get to go out in the field and capture what’s going on in the world today. I work closely with a photographer, and now a friend, and together we share ideas and learn how to make a great story” said Silva.
Silva is proof that hard work and making connections within your industry pays off. Last summer, he landed a gig as a production assistant with Discovery Channel.
Internships may be stressful or intimidating, but you’ll be a much stronger job candidate and employee by the end of your stay.
While straight “A’s” are nice, and graduating from a prestigious university has its perks, internships give you that edge.
Take it from this exhausted intern; it’s an edge that’s worth it—even if you’re losing those precious “Z’s” along the way.