Examining the ASBG’s yearly budget


Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) role on campus is to serve as the student voice in major decisions on campus. The students who serve are responsible for providing input on everything from district policy and procedures to course schedule changes. The budget for 2013-14 school year is $53,183, in which they are supposed to spend on campus events, activities and supporting Delta clubs.

“I think asbg needs to be transparent they are the voice of 25,000 students on this campus its their primary job of anything that directly affects the students “AB1725” They are suppose to serve us and when they start to serve themselves is when it becomes a lost cause”  says Patrice Burk Delta student

In comparison to the 2012-13 semester where $47,398 was spent

$26,329 of this was spent on “field trips”

The reason that ASBG did not pay for a bus for March on March was not due to a lack of funding.

According to Aja Butler, Director of Student Activities “ The Decision not to attend the March in March was not because of lack of funding, the student included it in the budget however there was scheduling conflicts and no one from ASBG could miss a whole day of classes to attend”


“If any students have any concern about the budget and where it goes, they are welcomed to present public comments at our meetings and watch for themselves the transparency of how we operate as a student body government. Controversy you may have heard about seems ineffectual and counterproductive to the work the current ASBG board does to help our students”, said Ryan Camero Senator of Activities ’13-’14


Students concerned with the ASBG budget should attend meetings and voice their concerns. The meetings are Monday 2:30 P.M. in the Rauhuff Boardroom.