ALS Ice Bucket phenomenon takes the world by storm


This summer we were hit with another viral sensation from the Internet — the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge has helped bring in the money to help find a cure for this disease.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was greatly influenced by former college baseball athlete Pete Frates.

Frates was highly involved with the ALS community, and when the Ice Bucket Challenge was starting to go viral, Frates connected the challenge to ALS foundations.

The biggest controversy is with California being in a drought, is it worth doing the Ice Bucket challenge?

California is in a bad drought, the whole state has to follow the drought laws or face a fine.

With that all going on we have people picking up gallons of water and dumping it over there head.

The drought is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The drought kills agriculture, which is huge for California, it has made it so we citizens have to use caution with the amount of water we use or how we use the water or we can get fined heavily.

And even with the drought getting as bad as it has gotten, we are entering the season where the rain comes and brings the water back.

It will get rid of some of the drought problems, if not all, and make California green again. But, without a cure for this disease there is no way to stop a person from dying from ALS.

On top of being a great cause, the Ice Bucket Challenge has made it
fun to donate.

Friends are challenging friends and family challenging family to dump
a big bucket of ice water over their head. People then get to
challenge someone else they know to take the challenge. Take a
punishment and dish one out to someone else; it’s a fun way to spread
a good cause.

The best part is, even though most people do the challenge for fun,
the foundation is getting money, more and more people are becoming
aware of ALS.

Many famous people have participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

From pop stars Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea to football stars such as
Justin Tuck and Charles Woodson. Celebreties from all over are taking
part in contributing to the ALS Association.

More people knowing will bring more money to the foundation.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, although bringing more pain to the drought,
was a great sensation. It wasn’t something like Neon Cat that had no
benefits to the world.

The challenge is a sensation that brings people together to do
something fun for a great cause.