Cunningham demolition continues

ONGOING: Construction continues on campus to demolish the Cunningham Building. PHOTO COURTESY OF DELTA COLLEGE

During the summer, the Cunningham building demolition began.

The process continues now.

Delta College made an agreement with the California Community College Chancellors office to have Cunningham removed in order to get state funding for the new Science and Math Building.

As demolition continues some students around the area have noticed something odd.

“There is a smell that kind of bothers me when it’s strong but the noise doesn’t bother me. I like watching the machines at work and I like how they are working to make the school better,” said Josh Aguilar, Delta College student.

So, what is that smell?

Stacy Pinola, facilities planner/environmental health manager, said in an email interview there is a Diesel equipment operating.

In addition, in order to cut a few pieces of steel close to Shima a cutting torch was used, resulting in the smell like burnt steel.

Once the entire project is complete by December there will be an open patio for students.

  “A new patio would be an amazing spot where students can work on school work and fellowship. It also creates an opportunity for students to interact with each other which is rare in today’s technology,” said student Ashley Anderson.

The Patio will have new grass, trees and pathways that lead to the Math and Science Building.

Unfortunately, the smell will continue till December.  Hopes are that the earth will help minimize the noise of the jackhammers and other equipment. In all the students are excited to for the new addition to Delta.