Fantasy Football returns, brings out excitement for sports fans


The 2014 National Football League season has started and with it brings the joy of Fantasy Football. 

Fantasy Football is a game anyone can play, which can divide a household and crown one person a league champion until the next season. 

“I love playing fantasy football,” said Daniel Valentine, a member of a local Fantasy Football league.

“I am a huge football fan in general, and truthfully I think Fantasy Football is the next step in being a sports fanatic.”

The game does require some knowledge of stats in the NFL, as it can help out when the draft for players begins.

People draft teams based on how much points a player can produce.

Going off of touchdowns, passing, rushing yards and turnovers.

A team consists of a starting quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, one tight end, a kicker and a defense.

Six bench slots are available for  players from any position.

A draft can be done from the comfort of your home, on an iPhone or Android app or on ESPN, CBS or any other NFL team websites.

Fantasy has become a huge hit with fans from all over the country, as fans of certain teams can end up selecting a rival team’s player in the draft.

A Raider fan could end up drafting a 49ers player.

Not everyone is a fan of this phenomenal game.

“There are a few reasons I don’t play Fantasy Football. One main reason is time and commitment involved to keep up with players and stats,” said Mark Brown.

“All the people I know who play Fantasy Football are great at keeping up players stats on any team.”

Some play for the benefits.

“Sometimes I play for money,” said Matt Durant. “But this year I didn’t get a chance to join a league for money.” 

The best thing about Fantasy Leagues is it doesn’t just contain to football. Baseball, basketball and hockey also have leagues. 

“There is a chance that in the future I will be getting into a fantasy league,” said Brown. “I just need confidence in myself to make the time and the commitment to learn key players and stick it out.”