Student instructor wanted for fraud


A Delta College employee is under warrant for grand theft and embezzlement.

McKinzie Heavenly Harrison, also known as McKinzie Croney, worked for the college’s Culinary Arts Department where she allegedly took a total of $4,555.33 on nine occasions between May 3 and June 4.

According to Delta police, Harrison was struggling with financial problems and needed more money.

She discovered she could use a credit card terminal on campus and falsely “refunded” funds from prepaid VISA cards onto her personal debit card.

At one point, Harrison took more than $400 during one transaction, according to campus police Officer Geff Greenwood.

“I don’t think she is bad person, it just seemed like she was in a difficult family position,” says Greenwood.

Harrison was previously quoted in another article from last December’s issue of the Collegian involving another incident regarding the Culinary Arts Department where an unnamed thief broke into the cafeteria kitchen in Danner Hall and stole $87 dollars on two occasions, along with packages of meat and Gatorade.

To prevent an incident such as this from happening again, Greenwood recommended businesses have frequent audit checks.

The District Attorney’s office also recommended businesses to turn on controls on their credit card terminals, manage security passwords and terminal totals, and have batch reports for signs of theft, according to report on News 10.

Harrison’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Campus police believe she fled the Stockton area for Alabama. If anyone has any information on Harrison’s whereabouts, they are urged to contact Delta College’s Police Department at (209) 954-5000.