Parking permits can prevent $33 ticket


Delta College campus police are enforcing parking tickets violations at a fast pace to start the new semester.

Many students take the risk of parking without permits knowing it could cost them a $33 ticket.

The cost of a permit is $30.

“It would be more beneficial for students to buy a semester permit then a daily permit if there here on campus more then 15 days out of the semester,” said Mario Vasquez, campus police officer.

“It’s a gamble but I believe most students forget because they’re in such a rush to get to class,” he added.

I believe most students do take a gamble of parking on campus without a permit knowing the risk, but they think they just wont be caught.

Returning students at Delta College do know what to expect coming to school and should be already ready with parking permits.

On the flip side, I see some students who are actually new to campus and just don’t know the rules quite yet so it is understandable for those students.

“Get a parking pass, because the book store offers the pass, and for those new students the orientation is a way to be informed on the parking permit situation at Delta College, said Susan McAnelly, a campus police officer.

To those students that did not know where to get parking permits at now you know, and for those new students going to the orientation is a good way to be informed about the parking situation here on Delta College campus.

“It gets better less and less tickets compared to the first two days,” said McAnelly.

The ticket situation does get better later on in the semester.

What I mean by that is people get less and less tickets as the semester progresses because people start to get the idea of needing a permit.

“No, getting a parking permit isn’t the first thing on my mind, cause so much is going on, and finding parking is impossible,” said Delta student Aaron Kumar.

I agree with our fellow student. So much does go on during the first week of the semester, and getting a parking permit is probably the last thing on all our minds.

“Get a semester permit if you are here every day, if you’re not here every day then daily,” he added.

Students should think smarter and get a parking permit before getting hit with a ticket.

If you’re a part-time student, there probably won’t be a reason for you to buy a semester permit, save yourself a couple bucks, but if you’re attending classes full-time, I recommend getting a semester permit.

So here’s a bit of advice for students who don’t have money to blow … Get a permit ahead of time and avoid a $33 parking ticket.

Campus officers are patrolling the parking lots every hour during day classes and night classes.