Growing Fashion Trends On Campus Never Gets Old


The fashion trends of today are forever evolving. Dressing casual five-years ago meant wearing a collared shirt, khaki pants and dress shoes. That’s not the case today. If you see a young man wearing a collared shirt today, he’s probably wearing jeans instead of khakis, and loafers instead of dress shoes.

This has becoming the new casual look for men in 2014. People have started to create their own style of dress. I like to call this style the “Whatever Look.” When you see someone wearing pajama bottoms, Chuck Taylor’s and a KISS T-shirt, that’s the “Whatever Look.” “Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting dressed up. It takes too long to straighten my hair and iron the clothes I want to wear, so I just throw on whatever and put my hair in a ponytail,” said Karen Collins, a Delta student.

All over campus you can spot someone sporting the “Whatever Look.” Shockingly some people pull it off really well. Unfortunately, not everyone can be so lucky. When I see students on campus following the basketball shorts, hoodie sweater and flip-flops trend, the first thing that comes to mind is … It must be laundry day. Fashion has become more about comfort than style, but there are people who still believe in dressing their best at all times.

Now that football season is here, expect to see fans coordinating their outfits with their favorite team jerseys. A blue-eyed girl with a blue jersey and blue nail polish, can have a unique looking style for the day, and that look might inspire other women to do so. As always, women are more into coordinating their outfits than men but don’t count the guys out just yet.

“I like dressing up and showing off my style when I can. You never know who you might meet during the day, and first impressions are very important,” said Delta student Wes Shepard. The most common fashion trend among male students at Delta College this semester, is coordinating shirts with shoes and hats.

For the women on campus, the most common fashion trend this early in the semester, seems to be wearing high waisted jeans with 6’ inch heels. Following fashion trends usually comes from seeing clothing store commercials, celebrities on television at music awards and red carpet events, but people with creative minds have always found new ways to create their own trends instead of following.

Before tonight someone might start a new trend by wearing two of the same brand/style shoes but in different colors. This probably doesn’t sound cool to you, but I’m sure someone would follow this trend and others would soon follow suit. When the winter rolls around be prepared to see female students wearing knee high boots, scarfs and wool coats.

For the male students I expect to see hoodie sweaters, sweatpants and those back of the closet shoes. Give it sometime but you’ll see by November, these fashion trends will be sitting right next to you in class.