Group gathering in Danner Hall after temporary closures of other lounges


What is your opinion on groups gathering in Danner Hall?

It seems there’s been more gamers, high school students and assorted characters now hanging out in the hall in addition to people who want to eat and lounge.

I believe it has a lot to do with Cunningham Building being demolished. A lot of classrooms and lounges are gone or relocated.
Cunningham is gone. There are no lounges in the new building. The Budd Lounge is considered the athlete lounge. The Shima lounge never seems open. There is no lounge in Holt.

Community Education is using Locke Lounge to hold classes, closing at noon Monday through Thursday until Dec. 19.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” a note on the window says.

That only gives one main lounge, Danner Hall, for students to gather in.

It’s pretty crowded with the new tables, which seems much smaller. Fewer people can fit.

Even though we have three lounges, the spaces are still pretty crowded.

It feels as if the school is telling students there is no space to lounge so just leave the campus after class.

“Being kicked out of other lounges so people can have workshops isn’t a bad thing because they’re working towards better grades and a brighter future,” said Delta student Keith Stowers.

Stowers admits to being very much involved in playing Yugioh and Vangaured card games inside Danner Hall.