Major retail store in hot water


Urban Outfitters, a retail clothing store, has caused quite an uproar lately. Recently, the store released a one-of-a-kind vintage sweatshirt from Kent State University.

The only problem was that it looked like it was covered in blood stains, referring to the deaths of four students who were killed by National Guardsmen while protesting on Kent State campus in May of

I’m sure Urban Outfitters hasn’t been quite an issue around the area, because Stockton does not have one, but this event has taken social media by storm.

Hundreds are boycotting the retailer and even sending in letters to the main headquarters.

Many of the stores once loyal customers are even in outrage by this event. The retail store released a statement shortly after saying, “It was never our intention to offend anyone, we understand how the item
could have been perceived negatively.”

Kent State University released a statement on Sept. 15, 2014 saying that the school takes extreme offense to the sweatshirt. This isn’t the first time Urban Outfitters has been caught up in
selling offensive clothing.

About a year ago, the store had two shirts being sold, one that said “Eat Less”, and another saying “Depression” several times on the shirt.

This is glorifying serious mental health issues, which, honestly, should not be glorified.

Especially when the store’s target demographic is young adults who may suffer from these issues and find it triggering.

Not only that, Urban Outfitters has sold prescription drug related accessories, a racial board game, and cards with offensive racial and sexual slurs on it.

The retailer has apologized for its countless mistakes, but apparently isn’t learning from them.

What other offensive clothing statements will the company come up with?

Do you believe Urban Outfitters has dug itself into a hole that it can no longer get out of?

With angry customers and overpriced, offensive items, it’ll be a miracle if this store can redeem itself from its most recent scandal.